The Shadows (Admin & Back Office)

The Back Office

We keep the office running like a well-oiled machine

Like the web design and development team, our back office and administration work in the shadows.  They are comprised of four teams, all working together to make sure that Dash 10 operations run as smoothly as possible:

System Administration

Our system administrators are responsible for the installation and upkeep of computer systems and servers.  They ensure that performance of all the tools we use meet the needs of the team.    

These tech geeks are a kind of their own.  With their knack for gadgets, computer systems and servers, they know hardware and networking like the back of their hand.  

Business Performance

Our Business Performance Analysts (BPA’s) are responsible for investigating and resolving client complaints and disputes, and helping in the continuous improvement of systems and processes.  In true CSI fashion, they approach each and every client concern case with utter fastidiousness that could give Sherlock Holmes a good run for his money.  

Our BPA’s understand that client complaints are a normal part of any business.  Hence, they approach each and every concern without judgement and with an opportunity to improve current processes in mind.  


Love numbers?  So does our accounts specialists.  Our accounts specialists are responsible for a wide range of finance tasks, such as invoicing clients, logging supplier invoices, completing receipt processes, paying suppliers, and turning converted sales opportunities into projects.  


At the heart of the Dash10 operations is the administration team.  They are responsible for the growth, culture and well-being of the Dash10 family.  The administration oversees the training and development, performance, adherence to and the continuous improvement in staff policies and procedures.

They are also responsible in ensuring that we uphold and live by the Dash10 Core Values that have shaped our culture that has kept the team together.