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What our employees have to say about Dash10:

Mark Las Pinas

Web Developer / Dinosaur 
Started Aug 2013

“Working as a freelancer/offshore developer and looking for a company that has an interesting story, I was grateful to find (and be part of) Zeald with its more than 15 years of exceptional achievement in the business.”

A seasoned developer, Mark had been doing numerous projects for Zeald. And when the agency decided to open its doors in the Philippines through Dash10, he was among the first to join the team’s ranks.  

But it wasn’t an easy choice at the start. “As a freelancer/offshore working for years in the comforts of my home, it took me a while to decide whether or not I should join the team in Davao City. It occurred to me that this offer happens once in a blue moon.”

Since then, Mark continues to offer his expertise as a front-end developer. He also highlights that his experience working in a collaborative environment has allowed him to stay in the company for this long.

Max Macauyag

Tecnical Project Specialist
Started Jun 2017

“I started as a support specialist in 2017, and after a year and a half, I got an opportunity to expand my learnings in another field.”

Dash10 shows no hesitation in offering career boosts to internal employees, especially to those who have earned it through hard work and dedication. Max is one example, who in less than 5 years has jumped to numerous positions, and is currently excelling as one of the company’s technical project specialists.

“I don’t believe that there is an easy job, but I do believe that there is a company that can support you throughout your career and provides you with the best opportunities to grow.” 

Max embraces the demands of working with challenging clients and remains fully committed to his role. This dedication is sustained by accurate and relevant training resources as well as solid backing of a skilled and supportive team.

Wennelle Baldo

Marketing Specialist
Joined Oct 2020

“I was doing freelance work for 2 years before I joined Zeald. It’s hard to find stability when freelancing; clients and projects come and go, and because you don’t have a team that you frequently interact with, it’s easy to feel isolated. I applied at Zeald because I was looking for a company that is stable and has a healthy team culture.”

Dash10 places a strong emphasis on the significance of team culture in fostering individual success within their roles. Wennelle’s experience exemplifies the impact of a nurturing and cohesive work environment in propelling one’s career growth. 

Starting her journey as a copywriter, Wennelle demonstrated outstanding capabilities, earning not just one but two well-deserved promotions. Today, she works tirelessly as a marketing specialist, leveraging her expertise to collaborate effectively with colleagues and clients both in the Philippines and abroad.

“Career-wise, the growth has been significant. I’m also very thankful that the bosses are supportive and understanding. They’re willing to support you as long as you show that you’re ready to grow.”


Joseph Bersano

Technical Project Assistant
Joined Feb 2021

“From the moment I joined, I felt a warm welcome from the team. The level of teamwork and coordination at Dash10 is truly unmatched, making it a pleasure to collaborate with my talented colleagues.”

Dash10 recognizes that a good support system is pivotal in achieving success. Joseph’s path to becoming the company’s newest technical project assistant exemplifies this perfectly. With his talent guided by a supportive team, the dynamic has enabled him to achieve great heights and also refine his skills through exposure to a wide array of projects and challenges.

“One of the most remarkable aspects of Dash10 is the flexibility it offers, allowing me to strike a perfect balance between my career and personal life. The accommodating schedule made me pursue my hobbies and passions outside of work, contributing to a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.”

At Dash10, employee burnout isn’t on the agenda. This approach has supported Joseph to embrace and lead a fulfilling life outside the workplace.

Norby Batisan

Production Administrator

Joined February 2023

Norby, a native of Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija, values the balance between professional responsibilities and family commitments. But in an industry known for its rapid pace and high-pressure environment, maintaining this balance can prove challenging.

 Fortunately, Norby’s experience at Dash10, where he serves as a versatile production administrator, has been significantly different. Thanks to the seamless remote work setup and supportive learning atmosphere, he has achieved success on both fronts. This nurturing environment has enabled him to deliver exceptional results while still carving out quality time to cherish moments with his wife and two young children.

Having previously worked for a construction and manufacturing firm for two years, Norby initially faced a steep learning curve when adapting to Dash10’s procedures. “Once I got on board and was confident about the steps and familiarity of the SOPs, things went easier, and more thrilling and fulfilling”, he says.

He further adds, “The company has had a huge impact on the convenience that me and my family are experiencing right now. That balance has allowed me to work more inspired and focused on the job.”


Genesis Sabularse

Marketing Administrator

Joined April 2023

Digital marketing is an industry that’s always evolving. This prospect excites Genesis, Dash10’s marketing administrator, who appreciates the opportunities provided by the company to immerse himself in all things digital marketing.

 Despite having experience with Google and social media platforms in his previous job, Genesis notes a significant improvement since joining Dash10 (Zeald). “Through hands-on experience, Zeald has greatly enhanced my digital marketing skills,” he explains.

 Today, he is actively engaged in coordinating with numerous specialists across the Philippines and New Zealand, aiding in the utilization of advanced tools and the development of innovative strategies to bolster clients’ online presence. He adds, “The Zeald process is kind of structured yet open to changes if we have suggestions to improve”.

Genesis hails from Canaman, Camarines Sur, and enjoys cooking, playing mobile games, and cherishing moments with his wife and newborn daughter during his leisure time. 

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